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At Inner Journey Counseling I start out by getting to know you, understanding what is important to you, discovering what your values and strengths are, and identifying what is preventing you from living a life in accordance with those values. Once we have identified these blocks, I use a variety of methods that work together to remove those blocks so that you can express your true self.

The particular approach taken will depend on the individual(s) being treated.

Some of these approaches include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a therapy technique that helps people learn how to identify and change unhelpful or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on their lives.

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Conflict Resolution / Relationship Skills:

Learning how to handle conflict resolution and possessing good relationship skills allows you to truly listen to others so they feel heard, communicate in a non-blaming manner in a way that others are better able to hear you , express differences in ways that enhance the relationship, and rediscover what attracts you to each other.

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Exposure Therapy:

Exposure Therapy is used to treat anxiety by gradually exposing the client to what they are afraid of in small non-threatening steps so that they can learn to feel safe. Exposure Therapy is often used to treat PTSD and many phobias.

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Clinical Hypnosis:

Under going Clinical Hypnosis, or Hypnotherapy, involves the client entering into a state of deep relaxation and inner focus in which the client is fully awake and able to focus on changing unconscious beliefs that are blocking them from accomplishing their life goals. Hypnosis allows the formation of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR):

An experiential technique used to heal emotional wounds that have been inflicted by past trauma (emotional, physical, or sexual abuse). It was originally done with eye movement however there are now a number of other ways to accomplish the desired result.

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Inner Journey Counseling, Offering Counseling services in Flagstaff, AZ

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My office is handicap accessible and close to the Flagstaff Mountain Line bus stop.

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At Inner Journey Counseling, hours are set by appointment and based on client need, please call for current openings and availability. Call today to set your appointment in Flagstaff.

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At Inner Journey Counseling we work with most insurance companies and also accept all major credit cards. See below for payment options.

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Sliding Fee Available Based on Ability to Pay.

Ron Paul is also available in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas for presentations to groups in the community on mental health issues.

There are many topics available for discussion, here are some examples of presentations that are provided:

Healthy Coupleship:

Keeping romance alive with effective communication and conflict resolution tools

This workshop provides information on how to develop communication tools to allow you listen to your partner so they feel heard and understood, how to speak with your partner and say what you mean without blaming, and how to resolve conflict in a way that builds your relationship rather of tearing it down.


Tips and Tools for Calming Anxious Thoughts

It is normal to worry about things in our lives from time to time. However, for some people anxiety is a daily occurrence which can have negative effects on physical and mental health. This workshop explores potential sources of anxiety, what you can do to cope with it and ways to deal with the underlying causes of that anxiety.

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At Inner Journey Counseling, hours are set by appointment and based on client need, please call for current openings and availability.

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