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Rick Hanson has a newsletter that I like called Just One Thing  about practices for achieving peace of mind. I am going to borrow from his ideas for this post.

This is the time of year when many of us make New Years resolutions.  Often these resolutions  require big changes in our lives such as going to the gym several times a week or losing a significant amount of weight.  There is nothing wrong with making such resolutions and they work for some people. However studies show that most of these resolutions end up discarded and forgotten within a few months.

Rick suggests picking a few small self care changes that could over time make a big difference in your life.  Example are:  taking a 15 minute break each  day with day with your favorite beverage and no interruptions, going to bed earlier, praying or meditating on a regular basis, dropping a bad habit, or picking up that guitar again.  Think about what these small changes could do for you on a daily basis to improve the quality of your life.

Picking a few small changes to make to your life can add up over time and be easier to implement than making big changes.

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