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Here is what former clients have to say about working with Ron Paul and Inner Journey Counseling.

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When I first met Ron Paul, my life was a mess. I was a depressed, agoraphobic hypochondriac riddled with anxiety and panic attacks. I was unable to leave my home for even the simplest tasks like grocery shopping and would spend hours everyday researching online whatever new illness I thought I had. Before I would go to sleep at night, I would pray to not wake up since living my life was like a nightmare. After working with Ron Paul, I quickly started to regain my former life. I now have my ideal job and am not worried about illness anymore. I am able to travel and enjoy life again. Ron did everything in his power to help me achieve my goals. He even took road trips with me! And even though I knew our sessions would be challenging and frightening, I always felt safe and in control. Ron truly cares about me and I never felt like just another client. I owe a huge part of my success to Ron and all of his hard work. I still struggle a bit with some things but Ron provided me with the tools to work through them and not let them defeat me. When I first met Ron, I was labeled as seriously mentally ill. Today, I am a contributing member to society with a job I love, a fulfilling social life and a strong sense of self. Ron is the greatest!

Former Client, Flagstaff, Arizona

I would not hesitate to recommend Ron Paul to anyone looking for a competent psychotherapist; especially someone that’s truly open to their inner journey. Paul is open minded, non-judgmental, client-centered and a damn good certified facilitator of EMDR. I find EMDR to be for those in a hurry to experience more peace and less trauma, more integration within and less fragmentation, more self-love and compassion and less self-loathing and anxiety. I’ve done EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy with other therapists. I accomplished more faster with Ron and feel free of all the previously crippling symptoms of anxiety, depression, ptsd, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It was subtle…I just noticed that while and since working with Ron and doing EMDR with his facilitaation, I’ve shifted into a gentle compassionate friend to myself and the things that used to cripple me have dissipated to a vague memory. I am forever grateful.

Former Client, Flagstaff, Arizona

I found Ron to be skilled, and deeply compassionate, as he guided me through making new meanings about myself when considering past traumas. He encouraged me to go deep, to be courageous -knowing that ‘the only way out is through’- even while helping me always to feel safe, as I busted through old trauma experiences and emerged with new meanings. This work with Ron has directly and postiviely influenced my life. I feel freed from old ‘stuff’ that was bogging me down.

Former Client, Flagstaff, Arizona

Ron Paul is perhaps one of the best therapists, I know.  I was completely overwhelmed, ready to burst at the seams with stress, when I had a hypnosis session with Ron.  Just to set the stage,  my 3 year old had just been in extreme joint pain that the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, my partner left his secure job to run his own business and to top it off I was 7 month pregnant.  I had one session, that is all it took! I was able to clear my mind, I almost instantly felt as though I didn’t have the weight of the world on my shoulders, my relationship with my son and partner improved.  He gave me the tools that I needed to use when I started feeling stressed to reconnect and release.  I was even able to have my second child naturally!  I am thankful and truly appreciate that session and will continue to engage in therapy with him in the future.

Former Client, Flagstaff, Arizona

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