Helping you Find and Express Your True Self

Providing Individual Counseling to Adults as well as Couples Counseling in Flagstaff Arizona

At Inner Journey Counseling, I can guide and help you overcome:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Couples / Relationship Issues
  • Life Challenges
  • Social Phobias
  • Substance Abuse / Addictions
  • Trauma

Once I have identified what is stopping you from living your life in accordance with your values, I will use a variety of ways that allow us to work together to remove those blocks so that you can express your true self.

The Inner Journey

The Inner Journey is an opportunity to explore those deeper parts of ourselves, heal the wounds of the past, appreciate the gifts of the moment, and create new possibilities for the future.

I believe that we are born whole and complete. Sometimes as we move forward in life we lose touch with who we are and with whom we have become. This can happen for a number of reasons including abuse, trauma, poor choices, relationship issues, life and work challenges, and genetics (for example; a predisposition to depression or anxiety).

I see the work that I do with my clients as a journey, an inner journey, to help clients discover why they sometimes think, feel, and act in unsatisfying ways. My objective at Inner Journey Counseling is to encourage you to use your strengths and resources to rediscover the whole and complete person that is your authentic self. Through this journey, I strive to help you achieve the change required to view things differently and to live a more joyful and peaceful existence with meaning and purpose.

Every journey is different and I use a variety of methods and combinations of methods that are tailored to each client. Contact Ron Paul in Flagstaff today to start your Inner Journey.

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Inner Journey Counseling
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At Inner Journey Counseling, hours are set by appointment and based on client need, please call for current openings and availability.

Helping you Find and Express Your True Self. Call Today (928) 380-6130